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Nosterella nadgee

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Nosterella nadgee
(The identification of the spider shown on this page was derived as shown below)
Body length:
female: 7.3 mm
male: 5.6 mm
Males of this species and may be found wandering at ground level
Nosterella nadgee

The identity of the spider was derived from the description given in the following paper: Baehr B.C. (2017) "The new endemic Australian genus Nosterella and a review of Nostera (Araneae, Zodariidae), including eight new species" in Memoirs of the Queensland Museum - Nature, 60, 53-76, and also from the prior paper: Jocque R. (1995) Notes on Australina Zodariidae (Araneae). II> Redescriptions and new records Records of the Australian Museum, 47 141-160, Jocque initially describing this spider as a Nostera species.

The specimen shown on this page was collected on the Darling Downs region of South Queensland.

Like many other zodariids this spider is an ant mimic and ants are presumably its preferred prey.

Spiders with a very similar appearance: Some other zodariids, especially some Nostera species.

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