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Storenosoma terraneum

Fact Box
Storenosoma terraneum
(This identification is derived from the following paper: G. Milledge, (2011) Records of the Australian Museum, Vol. 63, pages 1-32)
Body length:
female: up to 12 mm
male: nearly 8 mm
This spider will usually be found in leaf litter but may build a small retreat in crevices in eucalypt trunks or under rocks.
Unknown, but probably harmless
Storenosoma terraneum
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The above identification is tentative to the extent that while this spider has all of the distinctive characters of a Storenosoma species it might not be Storenosoma terraneum. At least two other species, S. altum and S. supernum, have been found in the border ranges of South-east Queensland and Northern NSW, and all of them are so similar in apperance that they can only be distinguished by differences in genital morphology. However, the specimen shown on this page was found on the Eastern Darling Downs and is considered most likely to be S. terraneum because that species seems to be the most common and widespread of the three species found in the same general area of Australia.

Known Range: This species is known to be present in the border ranges of Southern Queensland and Northern NSW and its range extends out to the eastern Darling Downs.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Other Storenosoma species and a variety of spider species that have an 'average' body and leg shape, including some lycosoid species.

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