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Neostorena species

Fact Box
Neostorena species
This ID is based on similarities with other known Australian Neostorena species (see notes below)
Body length:
female: about 6 mm
male: Unknown
Like other Neostorena species this spider probably is a ground-dwelling spider and a compulsive ant eater.
May perhaps cause mild illness
Neostorena species
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Abdominal marks
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Underneath female
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The male
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Male, another view

The important distinguishing features of this spider are its overall body and leg appearance (including its eye pattern), which resemble those of most members of the Zodariidae, and the pattern of small white spots on the upper abdominal surface, which probably are unique to Neostorena species. This spider is not a match for any of the few Neostorena species listed on the World Spider Catalog in March 2019 but it is likely that there are many Australian Neostorena species waiting to be formally described. The pattern of pale spots on the dorsal abdomen is similar to, but by no means identical to, those on an internet photo of a male Neostorena specimen labelled as having been photographed in South Australia by Mark Newton. Of course, the male and female of a given Neostorena species could differ significantly in markings but the spider shown above was found in Central NSW rather than in South Australia and hence is perhaps more likely to be a different but related Neostorena species.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Other Neostorena species, including Neostorena minor.

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