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North Queensland tarantula

Fact Box
Coremiocnemis tropix?
(The identity of this spider is uncertain as explained in the notes below but it is a good match for the available photos of this species)
Body length:
female: 24 mm
male: 21 mm
In a deep burrow among rocks in rainforest areas
Uncertain; handle with caution
Coremiocnemis tropix?
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Another view
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Front view

The species shown on this page has the general general appearance of Coremiocnemis tropix as described in the following paper: Raven R.J. (2005) "A new tarantula species from northern Australia (Araneae, Theraphosidae)" Zootaxa 1004: 15-28. This spider was found in the Cairns region and the known range of C. tropix is the Cairns-Cape Tribulation district. The only other tarantula species that definitely is in North Queensland is Selenocosmia crassipes but it is a somewhat large spider and is not as darkly coloured as C. tropix. However, the only certain way to distinguish between these two species involves examining possible specimens for minute anatomical structural differences (mainly ones on the underside of the spider) with the aid of a stereo microscope so there is some uncertainty as to the identity of the spider presented here. in Dr. Raven's paper.

Known Range: Recorded as being in North Queensland bush settings.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Other theraphosids such as Selenocosmia crassipes.

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