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Lampona brevipes

Fact Box
Lampona brevipes (N.I. Platnick)
(This identification is also based on the place where the spider was found; see notes below)
Body length:
female: 9 mm
male: 8.3 mm
May live in leaf litter or under loose bark but does sometimes enter houses
No longer considered capable of causing necrotising arachnidism
Lampona brevipes
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Another view
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View from above
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Its white 'tail' spot

The identity of this spider is somewhat uncertain because of the lack of any verified photos or drawings of Lampona brevipes. However, it was collected in a location close to Perth where Norman Platnick states that L. brevipes is most common. It appears that there are no other lampona species that closely resemble this spider and that are known to be present in or near Perth.

The Find-a-spider website is intended to display only spiders found in Eastern Australia. However, the spider in the photos shown on this page has been included in this website to illustrate how similar many Lampona species are to each other in overall appearance. The white markings on the abdomen often do vary somewhat from species to species but are of limited taxonomic value because they are often rather faint, especially if the specimen examined is immature. For these reasons the identity of an individual Lampona specimen can only be ascertained with confidence if the spider is an adult and if its genitalia can be examined under a stereo microscope.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Many other Lampona species.

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