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Cytaea plumbeiventris

Fact Box
Cytaea plumbeiventris (QM)
(Note: this identification is based on similarities with other Cytaea species; see notes below)
Body length:
female: about 6 mm
male: about 4 mm
This salticid tends to wander on green leaves where its colours provide good camouflage, but it may also be found elsewhere, including under loose bark
A bite by this spider may cause local pain and inflammation
Cytaea plumbeiventris
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The male

The spider shown on this page is certainly a Cytaea species and has been suggested to be either C. xanthopus or C. expectans but in June 2017 The World Spider Catalog has indicated that these two names are really prior names for Cytaea plumbeiventris. However, the genus Cytaea is presently under review so a new species name may be assigned in due course. It is also possible the male shown above is not the same species as the female.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Other Cytaea species.

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