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Scorpion-tailed spider

Fact Box
Arachnura melanura (RM)
Body length:
female: 15 mm
male: about 4 mm
Probably a small orb web
Probably harmless to humans
Arachnura melanura

The spider shown on this page was photographed in North Queensland and closely resembles Arachnura melanura as presented by Ramon Mascord in his 1980 Spiders of Australia booklet. However, since the World Spider Catalog does not list A. melanura as occurring in Australia it is possible the spider shown here is actually just a variant of Arachnura higginsi.

This spider was given its common name because it sometimes curls the end of its abdomen upwards in much the same way as a scorpion does. It usually rests on a strongly anchored silk thread at the end of a string of masses of insect debris and sometimes egg sacs as well. The web has the conventional orb shape of araneids.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Arachnura higginsi.

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