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Simaethula janthina

Fact Box
Simaethula janthina
(Identification based on QM
and on Proszynski's "Proszynski's" salticid website.
Note: this may be S. janthina but S. aurata looks very similar)
Body length:
female: about 3.5 mm
male: about 3 mm
This salticid builds a small retreat in green leaves
This spider is probably too small to cause any harm to a human
Simaethula janthina
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Oblique view
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Side views
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Face and spinnerets
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Underneath male

Simaethula species have an overall appearance that is quite similar to that of Simaetha species but the two are distinguished by fact that adult Simaetha species are 6-7 mm in length and have their posterior lateral eyes just under half way along the cephalothorax whereas Simaethula species are only 3-4 mm long and the posterior lateral eyes are about two-thirds of the way along the cephalothorax.

Known range: Only one record in South-east Queensland and one around Sydney.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Some other Simaethula species and some Simaetha species.

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