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Karaops australiensis

Fact Box
Karaops australiensis
(This identification is based on a paper by (Crews and Harvey)
Body length:
female: 7 mm
male: 4.5 mm
Probably under loose bark, especially on eucalypts; this spider's flattened body and ability to move rapidly sideways means it can hide in small crevices
Apparently unknown so handle with caution
Karaops australiensis
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Another view
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Front view
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Underneath female
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Side view

Karaops species look somewhat like a huntsman spider except that they only have 6 obvious eyes in a curved row (all huntsman species have two rows of 4 eyes) and lack a scopula on the end of each leg.

There are many Karaops species in Australia and they are reasonably similar in appearance. The one in the photos presented on this page is labelled Karaops australiensis because the spider was found near Airlie Beach on the near-north coast of Queensland, which is the known location of K. australiensis according to Crews and Harvey.

Known Range: Recorded as being in Queensland only and from Gladsrtone down to about Gympie and south-west to Goondiwindi.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Karaops raveni and many smaller or immature huntsman species.

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