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Oxyopes gracilipes

Fact Box
Oxyopes gracilipes
(Identification based on the reference shown below)
Body length:
female: about 7 mm
male: about 6 mm
Like other oxyopids this species tends to use its colouring as camouflage. It does not make a web to catch insects but simply ambushes them.
Unknown, but a bite by this species will cause local pain and inflammation and possible mild illness in humans
Oxyopes gracilipes
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Male from above
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Male side view
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Male another view
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Female and egg sac

This is one of the few Oxyopes species known to be present in South-west Western Australia but there probably are other unknown species there as well. The Bell & Ross Replica Watches first photo above shows a female that is clearly gravid and will lay one or more batches of eggs in the near future.

The male of the spider presented on this page was identified from photos by Mark Newton which can be found on the website: and images of the female are widely published, including on the Atlas of Living Australia.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Several other oxyopid species.
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