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Dysdera crocata

Fact Box
Dysdera crocata (RM)
(Note: There has been debate as to the correct spelling of this species name but crocata now seems to be the preferred name)
Body length:
female: about 13 mm
male: about 10 mm
In a tube-like retreat with a larger brood chamber just inside the entrance chamber
Unknown but some instances of envenomation of humans by D. crocota are alleged to have required hospitalisation
Dysdera crocata
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Another view
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Its underside

For many years taxonomists have debated whether or not the Families Segestriidae and Dysderidae should be combined. Both have species with the same general body shape, porrect fangs (i.e. fangs that point forward rather than down), 6 eyes instead of the usual 8 eyes (this distinguishes it from the otherwise quite similar eutichurid genus Cheiracanthium, which has 8 eyes), and distinct tracheal spiracles (small 'breathing' holes) located on the underside of the abdomen just behind the books lungs.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: None.

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