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Theridion species?

Fact Box
Theridion species?
(based on its similarities with a Hawaiian species; see notes below)
Body length:
female: 3 mm
male: 2.5 mm
This species builds a very small tangled web and may have a preference for rainforest settings
Much too small to cause a significant human envenomation
Theridion species?
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Front view
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The identification of this spider as a Theridion species must be considered tentative because its overall appearance is unlike any other Australian Theridion species. It is shown on this page as a possible Theridion species because it looks very similar to the Hawaiian spider, Theridion grallator, photos of which can be found in the FG Howarth and WP Mull 1992 book "Hawaiian Insects and Their Kin" University of Honolulu Press, Honolulu (ISBN 0-8248-1469-X).

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Theridion pyramidale.

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