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Tharrhalea species?

Fact Box
Tharrhalea species?
(this ID is based on an image published byRamon Mascord: see notes below)
Body length:
female: about 6 mm
male: about 4 mm
Probably on green leaves or flowers
May be too small to harm a human
Tharrhalea species?
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Side views
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Front view

There appear to be no readily available photos or drawings of Tharrhalea species apart from the one published by Mascord in 1980. Tharrhalea albipes, as presented by Mascord, looks very similar to the specimen shown on this page, especially if the apparent differences in appearance are because this specimen was not fully mature when photographed. There are no available images of Tharrhalea irrorata, the only other Tharrhalea species known to be present in Australia, so the spider in the images above also could be this species. It probably also is significant that the images shown on this page are of a spider that was found in rainforest near Airlie Beach, somewhat south of the Cairns district where the Tharrhalea was originally found but with a climate not much different from that of Cairns.

However, while the abdominal pattern of small discs, each with a stiff central hair, is a distinctive feature of this spider, there are somewhat similar discs on some other Australian thomisids, including Xysticus and Australomisidia species and especially on Tmarus species, so it is possible this spider is actually a less common species belonging to another known Australian thomisid genus.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Members of several other thomisid genera.

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