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Desis bobmarleyi

Fact Box
Desis bobmarleyi (RM)
Body length:
female: 9 mm
male: 6 mm
In a retreat built in crevices in coral reefs below the high water line. The spider seals the burrow entrance when the tide comes in and forages only when the water recedes
A bite may cause very mild illness but human bitings are rare
Desis bobmarleyi
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Burrow entrance

Mascord photographed on the coast near Cairns an intertidal spider he considered to be Desis marina and that was apparently identical to the one presented on this page. In addition, the spider collection of the Australian Museum in Sydney includes a specimen labelled as Desis marina and found in 1979 in the vicinity of Cairns. Based on the research paper published in 2017 in Evolutionary Systematics by Baehr, Raven and Harms both of these instances are misidentifications, the only Desis species known to be present along the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland now being named Desis bobmarleyi.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: None, although species from several other spider families are superficially similar to this spider.

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