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Lampona ruida

Fact Box
Lampona ruida (JS)
(plus a review by (N.I. Platnick)
Body length:
female: 10 mm
male: 7 mm
Mostly found in leaf litter, or under loose bark or stones in eucalypt forests
Like all other lamponids this is no longer considered capable of causing necrotising arachnidism
Lampona ruida
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Underneath female
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Side view

The identity of the spider shown on this page is not entirely certain because so many of the Australian Lampona species look so similar that a definitive identification requires a careful examination of the spider's genitalia with the aid of a stereo microscope. However, the markings on the upper abdominal surfaces of this spider, though very faint, appear to be a good match for those shown for L. ruida in Platnick's review paper and the fact that this specimen was found in Victoria also agrees with the known range of L. ruida as stated by Platnick.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Many other lamponids.

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