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Elassoctenus species

Fact Box
Elassoctenus species (QM)
formerly Ctenidae then Zoridae
Body length:
female: about 9 mm
male: about 6 mm
This spider may be found on the ground or in leaf litter
Unknown so handle with care
Elassoctenus species

Apart from Elassoctenus harpax there are no described Elassoctenus species in Australia, but the one shown on this page (found west of Bundaberg, Queensland) similar to one photographed by Adam Parsons in Central NSW. The colours of these two specimens are rather different but a noteworthy similarity is the distinctly different colour of the femur (first major leg segment) on Leg III of both spiders when compared with the rest of the spider. The tufts of spiky hairs on the rear section of the abdomen that seem to be a character of Elassoctenus species can also be seen on both specimens.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Some other former zorids, some pisaurids and the philodromid Tibellus tenellus.

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