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Judalana lutea

Fact Box
Judalana lutea
(ID by M. Rix, WA Museum)
Body length:
female: 4 mm
male: 3 mm
This species is found in open forests in South Queensland and seems to have a fondness for acacia bushes on which an ant with a similar appearance can be found
This salticid is probably too small to present a significant hazard to any human but its bite will probably lead to local inflammation and pain
Judalana lutea
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Front view

This species, though very small, is relatively easy to recognise because its body shape is typical of a salticid ant mimic but it has a distinctive yellow and black colour scheme on its abdomen. Like some other ant mimics of this family there is a stiff brush of hairs on the underside of the tibia on the first pair of legs, but the male of Judalana lutea also has a spur on the upper front side of each chelicera.

Known range: Localities that are claimed to contain this species include Darwin, Townsville, Rockhampton, the Darling Downs and out as far as Charleville, the north coast of NSW, Adelaide and Perth.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Several other ant-mimicking salticid species, especially Rhombonotus gracilis and Ligonipes semitectus.

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