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Copocrossa tenuilineata

Fact Box
Copocrossa tenuilineata (QM)
(a North Queensland species)
Body length:
female: 3-4 mm
male: 3 mm
Usually wandering on green leaves or perhaps bark
This species is too small to be hazardous to humans and seems to be very limited in distribution within Australia
Copocrossa tenuilineata
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The male
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Another view

Distinguishing features of Copocrossa are its body shape and relative leg sizes and its flattened cephalothorax. Its first pair of legs are much larger than the other three pairs. On Leg I the innermost major segment (called the femur) is reasonably long and moderately robust, the tibia is very stout and spiny, and the two outer leg segments are quite thin and short.

As the photos on this page show, the males have colouring and markings that are remarkably different from those of the females.

Known range: Mainly found from Cairns to Innisfail.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: None.

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