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Pentasteron simplex

Fact Box
Pentasteron simplex
(Note: This identification was made by Dr Barbara Baehr, who recently revised the Asteron group of zodariid spiders)
Body length:
female: about 4.5 mm
male: about 4 mm
This species lives in a retreat in crevices among rocks and in leaf litter but also tends to wander above ground, ambushing insects at night time
Unknown so treat with caution
Pentasteron simplex
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Underneath male
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The female
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Underneath female
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The same species?

Distinguishing features of this spider are its shiny black body, colourless leg segments and yellow abdominal spots. It should be noted that many other zodariid species have very similar patterns of white or yellow spots on the upper surfaces of the abdomen so the presence of these is not proof that a specimen is actually Pentasteron simplex.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Hetaerica scenica, Storena formosa, and Subasteron daviesae.

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