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Lynx spider

Fact Box
Oxyopes species (QM)
(maybe O. punctatus: see below)
Body length:
female: about 7 mm
male: about 6 mm
This spider builds no web but wanders on the surfaces of yellow-green leaves in garden shrubs where its colour provides good camouflage
Unknown but a bite by this very mobile spider may cause local inflammation
Oxyopes species
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Another view
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Underside of female
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Another view

Oxyopes genera tend to be difficult to identify to species because within each species there is usually a great deal of variation in markings from specimen to specimen. The yellow spider shown on this page is a good match for one included on the Flickr Hive Mind website and labelled Oxyopes punctatus. On the other hand, some other websites show alleged O.Puretime punctatus specimens that are almost white in colour and similar in appearance to at least some of the additional photos included in the set on this page.

Oxyopids share with most salticids the ability to move about by jumping from surface to surface. Another distinctive characteristic of oxyopids is that on their head region there is a hexagonal ring of six moderately large eyes and a pair of smaller eyes in front of this ring.

This moderately large oxyopid species is comparatively unusual in lacking a dense coating of surface scales on its body. The pitch-black patch around the eyes also seems to be uncommon among Australian oxyopids and the yellow body colour with minimal surface markings distinguishes this species from most other Australian oxyopids.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: A few undescribed Oxyopes species and also Oxyopes species.
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