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Eutittha mordax

Fact Box
Eutittha mordax
(see reference below; previously
Cheiracanthium gracile by various authors including Ramon Mascord) and T.J. Hawkeswood)
formerly Clubionidae
Body length:
female: 10 mm
male: 8 mm
Among green leaves or in a tube retreat formed from them
Uncertain; bites by this species may induce local inflammation and mild illness
Eutittha mordax
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Another male
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Another view
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The female
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In its retreat

This spider was usually called Cheiracanthium gilvum but this was changed to Eutittha mordax on the basis of the following reference: S.L. Esyunin and A. Zamani (2020) " 'Conundrum of esoterica': on the long-forgotten genus Euttitha, Thorell, 1878, with new taxonomic considerations in Cheiracanthium C.L. Koch, 1839 (Araneae, Cheiracanthiidae) 54 (19-20) 1293-1323.

It is a spider that mostly hunts at night and displays very secretive behaviour during the daylight hours. Some specimens, especially immature ones, may appear almost pure white.

Known Range: The spider shown on this page is said to have been found in North Queensland but is likely to have a much wider range.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Some Cheiracanthium species as well as Gippsicola robusta and Clubiona robusta.

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