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Centrothele mossman?

Fact Box
Centrothele mossman? (Platnick)
Body length:
female: about 10 mm
male: about 10 mm
Found under bark or wandering on open surfaces in tropical rainforest locations
Nothing is known about the toxicity of this spider's venom
Centrothele mossman?

The identity of this spider is necessarily in some doubt because so few specimens of Centrothele mossman have ever been examined and no photos or drawings of it have been published in an available reference source. However, the Centrothele species name for the above spider was chosen because the specimen was found in the Daintree Wilderness region of North Queensland (and hence close to Mossman) and the spider shown in the photo on this page is a reasonably good match for description of C. mossman presented in the review by Norman Platnick. In particular, the white near-mid-abdominal line across the dorsal abdomen and the faint line of very small white spots along the sides of the abdomen are a good match for Platnick's description of C mossman.

Known Range: As its species name suggests, this spider is mainly found in North Queensland.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Some other lamponids, especially Centrothele species.

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