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Storenosoma species?

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Storenosoma species?
(G. Milledge)
(This ID is tentative. The Australian Amaurobiidae are an inadequately researched family - see notes below)
Body length:
female: up to 6 mm
male: about 5 mm
This spider may be found in leaf litter but usually builds a small but distinctive retreat in crevices in eucalypt trunks or under loose bark; it is quite often seen and when found at all this species usually occurs in large numbers on a single tree trunk
Unknown, but probably harmless
storenosoma species?
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Female from above
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Underneath female
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The male
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Male side view
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Underneath male
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Claws, spinnerets
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Eyes from front
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Web in bark

The above identification is tentative, perhaps even to the question of the family the spider belongs to. Overall this species seems to have characters more nearly matching the Family Amaurobiidae than those of any other family, but the described Australian representatives of the family differ widely in regard to such features as the size and arrangement of the eyes. The specimen shown on this page has reasonable similarity with the known Storenosoma species S. altum and S. terraneum, both of which are known to be present in the general region of South-east Queensland where this spider was found.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: A variety of spider species that have an 'average' body and leg shape but especially some zodariids and other lycosoid species.

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