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Calamoneta species

Fact Box
Calamoneta species (QM)
formerly Clubionidae
Body length:
female: 5-8 mm
male: about 4-7 mm
Often in a small retreat among green leaves
May cause mild illness
Calamoneta species

Calamoneta and Cheiracanthium were both genera within the miturgid subfamily Eutichurinae but in a major taxonomic revision published in 2014 this subfamily was elevated to full Family status then in 2019 was further changed to the Cheiracanthiidae. Calamoneta species are claimed to be restricted to the northern half of Australia and in fact the World Spider Catalog in April 2017 did not list any Australian Calamoneta species, whereas Cheiracanthium species can be found over the entire country.

A characteristic of Calamoneta males is the presence of a very long and flexible first pair of legs. In addition the fangs and associated structures are very prominent and tend to point forwards.

Known Range: The spider shown on this page is said to have been found in North Queensland.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: None.

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