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Habronestes bradleyi

Fact Box
Habronestes bradleyi
(as presented by Jennifer Shield)
Body length:
female: about 14 mm
male: about 12 mm
In retreats, which may be shallow burrows in the ground, or on/under leaves in eucalypt forests; this spider also wanders above ground
The toxicity of this relatively large spider is unknown so it should be handled with caution
Habronestes bradleyi
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View from above
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Front view
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Another view

This species is not normally seen in association with any kind of insect-trapping web but prefers to ambush insects. Its preferred food is said to be ants.

Distinguishing features of this spider are the pattern and colour of its markings and the circle of 6 eyes surrounding a central pair of eyes.

Known Range: Mainly found from Rockhampton down to Melbourne and across to South-west WA but allegedly not in Tasmania.

Spiders with a very similar appearance: Storena formosa, Subasteron daviesae and Hetaerica scenica.

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