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Battalus wallum?

Fact Box
Battalus wallum? (R. Raven)
(similar to Battalus spinipes; see notes below)
Subfamily Castianierinae
Body length:
female: 5 mm
male: 5 mm
A fast-moving species found in eucalypt forests or nearby open ground. It resembles some ant species and does not use a web to catch its prey
Unknown so handle with caution
Battalus wallum?
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Another female
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The male
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Underside of male
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A related species?

The strong spides on the first two pairs of legs of this spider indicate it belongs to the corinnid group that includes Battalus spinipes. However, the latter species seems to be present only in North Queensland whereas the range of Battalus wallum includes South-east Queensland.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Several corinnid species as well as some other vagrant and leaf litter spider Families, including several of the Lamponidae.

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