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Cheiracanthium species?

Fact Box
Cheiracanthium species?
(This identification is based on similarities with known eutichurids: see notes below)
(formerly Eutichuridae)
Body length:
female: about 15 mm for adults
male: about 12 mm
In a tube-like retreat in dry vegetation or under stones; a larger diameter cavity just inside the entrance to the retreat is also used as a brood chanber
Uncertain but some cheiracanthiids are suggested to have venom that is toxic to humans so handle with caution
Cheiracanthium species?
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In its retreat
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Its retreat
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Its eggs

The spider shown on this page has a body shape that resembles those of a clubionid species but the femur (first large segment) of each leg clearly lacks the set of three erect spines that are a characteristic of Clubiona species and in fact this spider's legs are typical of those seen on Cheiracanthium species, which would place it within the Family Cheiracanthiidae.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Ariadna dysderina.

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