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Lamponid species

Fact Box
Lamponid species (QM)
Body length:
female: 11 mm
male: 9 mm
Mostly found in leaf litter, or under loose bark or stones in eucalypt forests
Uncertain; potentially capable of causing necrotising arachnidism though the risk is probably very small
Lamponid species
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Another view
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Underside of spider

This spider almost certainly is a Lampona species related to Lampona murina. Since the specimen photographed was preserved and the images do not clearly show some of the microscopic details that are needed to distinguish between most Lampona species its identity must remain in doubt. Its surface markings are similar to those on a spider identified by Jennifer Shield as Lampona cohuna but this species is believed to be present only in the southern parts of Australia whereas the specimen in the photographs shown on this page was found in South Queensland. It therefore is likely to be some other Lampona species.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Lampona murina.

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