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Gnaphosid species

Fact Box
Gnaphosid species (QM)
(This ID is necessarily tentative but the spider has the appearance of a gnaphosid)
Body length:
female: about 4 mm
male: perhaps 3.5 mm
This species is a very common inhabitant of leaf litter in eucalypt forests; it does not normally use an insect-trapping web, preferring to ambush its prey
This spider is not aggressive and its fangs are probably too small to penetrate human skin
Gnaphosid species
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Underneath female
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The male
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Male palps
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Male spinnerets

Note that members of the Family Gnaphosidae are difficult to distinguish from several other kinds of spiders unless examined closely with a stereo microscope. Distinguishing features of this spider are the coat of silvery sheen that covers most of its body and the wide-set anterior (i.e. lower when viewed from above) spinnerets.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Some other probable gnaphosid species.

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