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Leichhardteus badius

Fact Box
Leichhardteus badius
(This identification is derived from the following research paper: B.C. Baehr and R.J. (2013) Memoirs of the Queensland Museum (Nature) 58, 339-358, but see notes below also
formerly Clubionidae
Body length:
female: 9 mm
male: 6.5 mm
This is a fast-running leaf litter vagrant
Unknown; unlikely to be more than mildly mildly toxic to humans
Leichhardteus badius
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Female from above
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Underneath female

This species is quite common in leaf litter in the Toowoomba region but is not often noticed because it is a very fast moving spider and quickly hides itself when disturbed. Not much is known of its natural history, but this spider belongs to the ant-mimic forms of the Family Corinnidae.

The pattern of pale markings on the abdomen of this spider is unique among the known Leichhardteus species apart from Leichhardteus kroombit, which looks quite similar but is not as likely to be present in Toowoomba, Queensland, and the adjacent Darling Downs districts, which is where the spiders shown on this page were found. Its identity is specifically mentioned in the following paper: Raven RJ (2015) "A revision of ant-mimicking spiders of the family Corinnidae (Araneae) in the Western Pacific" Zootaxa 3958, 1-258.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: A variety of small ground or litter dwelling spiders, including some other Leichhardteus species.

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