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Leichhardteus conopalpis

Fact Box
Leichhardteus conopalpis
(This identification is derived from a 2015 research paper by B. Baehr and R. Raven
formerly Clubionidae
Body length:
female: 8.5 mm
male: 8.5 mm
This species is mainly a leaf litter vagrant found along Eastern Australia from mid-north Queensland to Victoria
Unknown; probably harmless to humans but handle with care
Leichhardteus conopalpis
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The female of this species which, like the male, is not often noticed by the general public, is quite similar in appearance to its mate, though of course it lacks the expanded palps that the male has. Both have a set of white arrow-head marks size at the rear end of the abdomen, which is a characteristic of Leichhardteus species but is also found on members of another corinnid genus: Nucastia.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: A variety of small ground or litter dwelling spiders, including some other Leichhardteus species.

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