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Grey house spider

Fact Box
Zosis geniculata (WSC)
Previous species name:
Uloborus geniculatus (RM)
Body length:
female: 6 mm
male: 4 mm
In a small tangled web often strung between strands of tall grass or garden shrubs
This species lacks venom glands and therefore must be considered harmless to humans
Zosis geniculata
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With egg sac
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Egg sacs and web
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Side view
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Underneath female

The tangled web formed by this species can be found in the corners of sheds and other rural constructions. There may be more than one adult female in a single web mass. The banding pattern on the legs helps identify this species. Although quite unrelated to Parasteatoda tepidariorum this species is also sometimes called the grey house spider.

Known Range: Widely present across Northern Australia from Arnhem Land, to Cairns and down the east coast to about Sydney.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Uloborus barbipes.

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