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Daddy long-legs

Fact Box
Crossopriza lyoni (Beatty et al)
(Note: This is an introduced pholcid species that probably came originally from India, Africa or the Middle East but now occurs widely throughout South-East Asia and Australia)
Body length:
female: 9 mm
male: about 8 mm
In a loose, untidy web in houses, sheds and other man-made constructions; being an introduced species it seems not to have strongly colonized the Australian natural environment
Uncertain; may be too small to cause human illness and the chelicerae on which the fangs are mounted are fused at their bases so the fangs cannot open very wide
Crossopriza lyoni
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Closer view
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Side view
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Underneath female
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Female epigynum
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Female carapace
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Eye arrangements

This spider resembles other daddy long-legs species but its abdomen is almost square when viewed from the side and has a sharp peak at the rear. The dark 'freckles' on the legs are also a significant characteristic of this species.

Known Range: This species is said to be common across Northern Australia.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Most larger pholcid species and especially Physocyclus globosus.

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