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Net-casting spider

Fact Box
Deinopis ravida (RM, World Spider Catalog)
Previous species name:
Dinopis ravidus
formerly Dinopidae
Body length:
female: 18 mm
male: 14 mm
On a few strands of web in green shrubbery or on vertical external surfaces such as house walls and doors, the spider forming an X shape
This species is not aggressive and its venom is not known to be significantly toxic to humans
Deinopis ravida
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Eye pattern
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Another female
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With net in place
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The male?

The presence of a pair of very large eyes that face forwards and long, slender legs that at rest are aligned in pairs to form an X are features of this and other Deinopis species. It is not too difficult to find a specimen with the characteristic net attached to its legs. Alternatively, abandoned nets are sometimes found where deinopids are common.

Known Range: If this exists as a separate species it probably can be found widely across Australia.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Deinopis subrufa. Note that D. ravida has a very similar appearance to D. subrufa and there appears to be some uncertainty that they are indeed separate species. However, at the present time they are listed as different species in the World Spider Catalog.

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