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Net-casting spider

Fact Box
Deinopis subrufa (JS, QM)
Previous species name:
Dinopis bicornis
formerly Dinopidae
Body length:
female: 25 mm
male: 22 mm
Both sexes of this species tend to be found in association with a few strands of web in green shrubbery or on flat vertical surfaces, including exterior walls and doors of houses; during the daylight hours it tends to remain inactive but at dawn or dusk it may be found with a rectangular net on Legs I and II ready to envelop any nearby insect
This species is not known to be at all dangerous to humans
Deinopis subrufa
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Female, side view
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Male, side veiw
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Under young male
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egg sac
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Discarded net
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Spider with net

The presence of one pair of very large eyes facing forwards and the long, slender legs that at rest are aligned in pairs to form an X are features of this species. It is not too difficult to find a specimen with the characteristic net attached to its legs. Alternatively, abandoned nets are sometimes found where deinopids are common.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Deinopis ravida.

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