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Wolf spider

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Venatrix pictiventris
(This identification is based on the information and images presented by Dr Volker Framenau as part of the website shown below. Unfortunately, there is another Venatrix species, V. allopictiventris, which as its name suggests, is quite similar in appearance to the spider shown on this page)
Body length:
female: 7.5 mm
male: about 7 mm
Usually in a burrow in the ground but often found wandering above ground
Bites may cause mild illness
Venatrix pictiventris
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Female underside
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The same species?
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Another view

The identity of this spider was derived from the following website: The available drawings of this species do not show its surface markings particularly well and there are also significant differences in the appearance of the two sexes. However, the white spots on the underside of the abdomen are a good match for those that V. pictiventris is claimed to have and the specimens in the above photos were found in the known range of Venatrix pictiventris, which is Eastern Australia down to Tasmania.

Known Range: Known to be present from South Queensland down to Melbourne and possible in Adelaide and in Tasmania.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: A number of other lycosid species, especially members of the genus Venatrix.

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