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Jumping spider

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Evarcha longula (QM)
(Note: this species was listed as Trite longula but Jerzy Proszynski believes it should now be called Evarcha longula)
Previous species name:
Gangus longulus
Body length:
female: about 10 mm
male: about 9 mm
On bark and green leaves
Unknown; this species may cause mild illness or at least pain and inflammation at a bite site but probably nothing worse than this
Evarcha longula
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Oblique view
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Front view
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Front view

The diagnostic features of this spider include black patches around the eyes, radiating striae (stripes) on the back half of the carapace, and a faint pattern of chevron-like markings along the abdomen.

Known range: Recorded as being near Broome, Townsville and Sydney and also in South-east Queensland.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Several other salticid species with a similar body shape.

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