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Perenethis venusta

Fact Box
Perenethis venusta
(Identification based on several publications as listed in notes below)
Body length:
female: about 12 mm
male: about 11 mm
On green leaves of trees and tall grasses, perhaps in a spoon-shaped web/retreat
Unknown; handle with caution since some relatives may produce a painful bite
Perenethis venusta
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Another view
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With its egg sac
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Another specimen

Note that the identification of this species was based on information included in a Queensland Museum publication and also on similarities with Perenethis unifasciata and Perenethis venusta as presented in the following web articles:

This species is easy to confuse with the zorid Thasyraea ornata although these two spiders are presently placed in different families. Both spiders have a line running down the centre of the body from the eyes to the rear end of the abdomen but on Perenethis it is broad in front and narrows progressively and on Thasyraea ornata it has an almost constant width.

Known Range: Though not particularly common anywhere in Australia this species is recorded as being found from Darwin to Cape York and down at least to Brisbane. It probably is often confused with Thasyraea ornata.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Thasyraea ornata. replica.pdf Cyril-Kongo-Watch.pdf

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