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Simaetha tenuidens

Fact Box
Simaetha tenuidens
(as identified in a published paper by Marek Zabka)
Body length:
female: 7 mm
male: 6 mm
Foraging on the green leaves or in its silken retreat
This spider may produce local inflammation and pain but is not strongly aggressive so probably will only bite if trapped
Simaetha toluidens
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Underneath female
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Side view
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Another female
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With egg sac

The specimens in the above photos were found in South Queensland, which is the known territory of Simaetha tenuidens. However, there are one or two other Simaetha species that are also believed to be present in South Queensland and individuals of Simaetha species are quite variable in appearance, at least partly because they easily lose the silvery 'scales' that normally cover their body surfaces.

Known range: Occasionally found from Cape York down to Melbourne and also in Adelaide and Perth.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Some other Simaetha species.

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