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Lycosa leucophaeoides?

Fact Box
Lycosa leucophaeoides?
(Based on a tentative identification by Volker Framenau and images by T. Hawkeswood)
Body length:
female: 21 mm
male: 19 mm
This species lives in a burrow that descends vertically then runs parallel with the surface
This spider's venom may cause mild illness but not necrotising arachnidism
Lycosa leucophaeoides?
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The identity of the spider(s) shown in the photos on this page is uncertain for several reasons. Firstly, there appear to be no certified photos of L. leucophaeoides in books or on the internet and L. Koch's 1877 drawing of it is inadequate to allow definitive identification of this species. In addition, there is now doubt that most if not all of the Australian wolf spiders presently known by the Lycosa generic name will retain that name once a more comprehensive review of the Australian Lycosidae has been carried out.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: A number of other Lycosa species that live in bare ground areas of inland Australia and hence lack strong surface markings.

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