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Neosparassus diana

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Neosparassus diana (JS)
(Note: The appearance of the patterned 'badge' on the underside of the abdomen is important for the identification of this species, several other Neosparassus species, including Neosparassus pictus, having a somewhat similar patch)
formerly Heteropodidae
Body length:
female: 18 mm
male: 16 mm
On or under leaves and the loose bark of large trees
Bites may lead to mild illness but this species is not known to be very aggressive towards humans
Neosparassus diana
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Another female
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Female, side view
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Immature female
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Front view
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Female underside
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Abdominal 'badge'
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Another specimen

Known range: Recorded from Arnhem Land, NT, across to Cape York, down the east coast of Australia to Victoria and across to Tasmania, Adelaide and the South-west corner of WA, but partciularly common in the South-east corner of the Australian mainland.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Neosparassus calligaster and other yellow or green Australian sparassids.

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