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Dendrolycosa icadia

Fact Box
Dendrolycosa icadia (QM)
Body length:
female: about 10 mm
male: about 8.5 mm
On green leaves in eucalypt forests, usually in a spoon-shaped web/retreat often twisted around a branch; common but less well known than aquatic pisaurid species
Unknown; handle with caution since some relatives may produce a painful bite
Dendrolycosa icadia
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Another view
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In its web
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Side view

Dendrolycosa is easily mistaken for a wolf spider but lacks the pair of enlarged eyes that characterize the lycosids. In addition, the legs have erect spines that on some specimens can be relatively long and are unlike any spines found on lycosid legs. The markings on its dorsal abdomen are also distinctive.

Known Range: Common in damp bushland across Northern Australia from Darwin and Arnhem Land to Cape York and down the east coast at least as far as Sydney.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Many lycosid species and at least some members of the Family Zoridae (now incorporated into the Family Miturgidae), all three families being closely related.

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