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Hypoblemum scutulatum

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Hypoblemum scutulatum
(The generic name of this spider is presently uncertain. An earlier name was Lycidas but this has now been superseded: see below)
Body length:
female: 7 mm
male: 5 mm
On the bark of trees but also on green leaves and other surfaces
A bite may cause local pain/inflammation or even mild illness and mostly occurs when the spider is trapped in clothing
Hypoblemum scutulatum
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Colour variations
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Another female
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The male
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Male, front view

This species has had several names in the past, including Sigytes scutulata (RM). In October 2016 the website, which has taken over the Proszynski salticid catalogue, showed it as Lycidas scutulatus and in June 2017 the World Spider Catalog listed it as 'Maratus' scutulatus, having now deleted all Lycidas entries. In the 1880s the same spider collector named two Hypoblemum species: H. villosum and H. albovittatum. Various internet sites mention these as being found widely in Australia and New Zealand and they are reasonably similar in appearance although the available photos for H. albovittatum tended to be rather variable. However, the uncertainty as to the appropriate scientific names for these two species has now been resolved and the appropriate name for each species is shown and justified in the following paper: J.C. Otto, D.E. Hill and R. Whyte (2019) Peckhamia180.1, 1-62.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: There are several other salticid species with similar brown-grey markings and body shape that could be confused with this species.

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