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'Maratus' species

Fact Box
'Maratus' species
(Identity presently uncertain: see notes below)
Body length:
female: 7 mm
male: 5 mm
On the bark of trees but also on green leaves and other surfaces
A bite may cause local pain/inflammation or even mild illness and mostly occurs when the spider is trapped in clothing
'Maratus' species
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Colour variations
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Another specimen
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Another female

This species has had several names in the past, including Sigytes scutulata (RM) and Lycidas scutulatus (QM). Most Lycidas species were subsequently changed to Maratus species but the spider shown on this page has much in common with the genus Hypoblemum and may ultimately be listed as a Hypoblemum species.

This is a common species and is readily recognised by the pattern of bands along the abdomen and the black head with the white fringe around the eyes.

Spider(s) with a similar appearance: Several other salticids.

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