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Ant-mimicking spider

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Rhombonotus gracilis (QM, JS)
(or a closely related species; note that Rhombonotus species were once considered to be Ligonipes species and bear a close similarity with the members of this genus)
Body length:
female: about 3 mm
male: about 2.5 mm
Mostly in a rolled leaf retreat
Too small to be harmful
Rhombonotus gracilis
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Another view
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Another specimen

Among the distinguishing features of this species are that it has the general shape of an ant but with an additional pair of legs instead of a pair of antennae. The moderately dark body colour with two lateral white spots in the middle of a partly divided abdomen that resembles two joined spheres is also important.

Known range: Found in only moderate numbers from Bundaberg to Melbourne but rare everywhere else.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Ligonipes semitectus, Myrmarachne erythrocephala and Damoetas nitidus.

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