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Simonus species?

Fact Box
Simonus species? (QM)(QM)
(identification also based on direct information from Queensland Museum)
formerly Zoridae
Body length:
female: about 9 mm
male: about 6 mm
Likely to be found wandering in lush green grass or perhaps in a tangled web retreat
The toxicity of the venom of this spider is unknown
Simonus species?
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Another view
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Eyes, close view
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Eyes, front view
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Leg spines

An important characteristic of this spider that distinguishes it as a former zorid rather than a lycosid, a pisaurid or a ctenid is the arrangement of its eyes. On a lycosid or pisaurid the front row of eyes are all relatively small compared to the other two pairs of eyes. On a ctenid or a former zorid the centre pair of the front row of eyes are about the same size as the back two pairs and the lateral pair on the front row are much smaller and are close to the large middle pair on a zorid but further back on a ctenid.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: This spider resembles Miturga lineata but most miturgids have two almost straight rows of 4 eyes, all of which are similar in size. It appears to be identical in appearance with Simonus species except that the long parallel spines on the undersides of the first two pairs of legs are less obvious.

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