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Maratus elephans

Fact Box
Maratus elephans
(This identification is from the research paper shown below)
Body length:
female: approx 5-7 mm
male: 5-6 mm
Found on many surfaces
Not considered a serious hazard
Maratus elephans

The identity of this spider is based on the contents of the following paper: Otto J.C. and Hill D.E. (2011) "An illustrated review of the known peacock spiders of the genus Maratus from Australia, with description of a new species (Araneae: Salticidae: Euophrynae) PECKHAMIA 96.1, 1-27.

The males of most Maratus species have unique and brightly coloured dorsal markings but the females are generally a drab grey-brown colour. On the species shown on this page the 'elephans' species name is allegedly because the pattern on the dorsal abdomen looks somewhat like the face of an elephant. M. elephans males share with other Maratus males the unusual characteristic of cuticular flaps attached to the upper sides of the abdomen, these spreading sideways like a fan when the male is courting the female. But like many of the Australian Maratus species the female of this species is a grey-brown colour with none of the bright blue markings the male has. Maratus males also raise a rear leg as a signal that is intended to attract the female.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Maratus volans, Maratus pavonis and many other Australian Maratus species.

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