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Cymbacha festiva

Fact Box
Cymbacha festiva (JS)
or a closely related species
Body length:
female: 5.5 mm
male: about 4 mm
This species is usually found in a retreat formed from a leaf folded into a loop as well as threads to some supporting leaves
This species has very small fangs and does not appear to be aggressive towards humans so is probably harmless
Cymbacha festiva
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View from above
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Front view
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Distinguishing features of this spider are its body shape and the lack of markings on its upper surfaces. The legs and front part of the spider are normally very dark brown, although the legs have areas that lack colour. The abdomen varies in the depth of its brown colour but is typically not as dark as seen in the specimen shown on this page.

Known range: Comparatively rare but sometimes found in Gladstone, Sydney, the NSW/Victoria border areas, and Adelaide.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Cymbacha saucia.

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