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Phycosoma species?

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Phycosoma species? (QM)
(Note: This spider is similar to one labelled as Dipoena by Mascord but the World Spider Catalog indicates that many Dipoena species have now been renamed as Phycosoma species. Curiously, No Australian Phycosoma species are listed and Dipoena is recorded only from Tasmania and Western Australia)
Theridiidae (Hadrotarsinae)
Body length:
female: 3.5 mm
male: 2 mm
This spider is usually found in a small, very limited web close to ground level where it is said to feed almost exclusively on small ants
This very small spider is probably harmless to humans
Phycosoma species?
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Side view
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An adult male
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Front view
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View from above
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The same species?
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Another species?

Distinguishing features of Dipoena/Phycosoma are the overall body shape and the deep, almost square grooves around the head region.

The spider in some images shown on this page is rather pale, perhaps due to a recent moulting. Adults of this species apparently can be quite dark and often display abdominal mottling.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Some other hadrotarsines such as Phycosoma species.

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