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Phrynarachne species

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Phrynarachne species (RM)
(Note: Mascord suggested the species shown on this page is P. tuberosa: see below)
Body length:
female: 10 mm
male: 3 mm
This species is usually found in a silken retreat formed from a curved leaf; like many other thomisids it bends a long, slender green leaf into a loop (in this case 180 degrees) and binds it with strong silk, the retreat resembling half of a drum as used by musicians; this retreat also serves as a brood chamber
Probably harmless to humans
Phrynarachne species
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Side view
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Front view

Although in 2017 the World Spider Catalog does not list any Phrynarachne species as occurring in Australia, there can be no doubting that the spider shown on this page is a Phrynarachne species and was found in tropical areas of Queensland. However the Catalog does list P. tuberculata and P. jobiensis as being present in New Guinea so it is likely that one or both of these have a range extending into North Queensland. On the other hand, Phrynarachne tuberosa seems to be an Indian and Asian species. The situation is further confused by the variability in colour and body surface appearance of individual specimens so a further review of this genus in the Australian context is needed.

Distinguishing characteristics of this species are the very rough and variably coloured body surfaces and paired dorsal projections (tubercles).

Known range: There definitely is at least one Phrynarachne species in Australia but only in the Far North of the country.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Stephanopis corticalis and some other thomisids as well as Celaenia excavata and similar araneids.

Email Ron Atkinson for more information.    Last updated 22 Janaury 2022.

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