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Cryptachaea veruculata

Fact Box
Cryptachaea veruculata
(World Spider Catalog)
Previous species name:
Achaearanea veruculata (JS)
Body length:
female: 4 mm
male: 1.5 mm
This species builds a small untidy web in vegetation and especially under ledges of man-made constructions such as bridges and picnic tables
Not known to be dangerous to humans but handle larger specimens with caution
Cryptachaea veruculata
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From above
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Inside a flower
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The male
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Underneath male
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Another view
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Side view
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Female underside
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Female epigynum

This spider is similar to the small theridiid species that are common in webs associated with garden shrubs.

Known range: Very common in bushland settings from Bowen down to Tasmania and across to Adelaide and the South-west corner of WA.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Parasteatoda tepidariorum and other small theridiids.

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